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In a Time of Need, Call Jeff

I had an employment issue with the Federal Government and although I used Union Officials in the past, Jeff was able to allow me the confidence to be able to survive this ordeal by dissecting each and every area of my case and the norm at my agency. He also came highly recommended due to his knowledge of working with my agency across various cities and multiple states. I say this to say he was very familiar with resources and was firm in his delivery with me and my agency.

Federal Employee facing Removal


Attorney Schrameck is a lawfully intelligent attorney that works diligently to defend his clients. He has an amazing compassion for the families of his clients as well. He was a true Godsend to our family on multiple occasions. He is very easy to talk to and has a very quick response time. He is honest and extremely personable. He goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

— Recent Client

A Keeper

Stop looking for another Lawyer, you found a keeper. Mr. Schrameck not only took the time to personally explain the legal details before taking me on as a client, but made a great effort to make sure I clearly understood each step of the process when things were very cloudy. Not sure about you, but that level of concern made me feel at ease with the situation.

Thank you very much Jeff, I appreciate all your help!

Recent Client

Very Thorough

Jeff was very thorough and explained all the different outcomes of my case. He worked towards the best outcome and put much effort not only into my case, but also in keeping me up to date on everything. He succeeded at obtaining that goal and explained everything in detail that took place. I was very satisfied and impressed at what he accomplished.

— Recent Client


Jeff took on my case with due diligence. He fought for my rights and was resilient. With the unwavering knowledge that he brought to the courtroom, he fought to lessen my charge of DUI. I am completely satisfied with his work and would highly recommend his service.

— Client Review