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Federal Employment & MSPB Lawyer serving the United States & Criminal Defense Attorney in Canton, Michigan

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Jeff Schrameck

Attorney at Law

I obtained my undergraduate education from Albion College in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Management. After leaving Albion College, I decided to attend law school where I excelled in trial practice. After graduating, I became an assistant prosecutor for Oakland County in the State of Michigan. Through the years I have successfully conducted and assisted in a number of trials for the most serious criminal offenses, including first-degree murder, as well as many federal employment law cases throughout the United States. These experiences have provided me with valuable experience during tough litigation cases and high-profile criminal proceedings, and I try to use that experience to benefit my clients in any way that I can.
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Helping Victimized Workers & Whistleblowers

Helping federal employees through the legal system is different than conducting legal matters for those employed in the private sector. If you're a federal employee facing a legal battle, it's imperative that you hire an attorney who has experience with federal employment law and has practiced throughout the United States. I can provide trusted legal counsel and representation for workers who have been discriminated against, unduly disciplined or reprimanded, denied reasonable accommodations, or facing retaliatory action. Unfortunately, these issues can be very difficult to navigate on your own. Luckily, I know how the system works and can provide you with the exact tools you need to take action so you can navigate all legal processes.

If you wish to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Merit System Protection Board, I can help you prepare and file the claim as well as handle an appeal if your claim is denied. I'll handle your case with determination and strength so you can fight for respect, fairness, and a resolution that meets your needs.

If you aren't sure whether you have a case against your federal employer, it's never a good idea to simply keep your head down and hope the situation will resolve itself. Take that first step and contact my office so I can help you understand what your options are and outline a plan to help you move forward and achieve a positive outcome.

Success Stories

Federal Employee Removal

Schrameck Law, P.L.L.C. represented a federal employee with the Department of Army before the MSPB in a removal action. Our client was a career employee with several Affirmative Defenses.

Result: Successful settlement on behalf of the client
Domestic Violence, Assault, and Battery

Criminal representation for a client charged with Domestic Violence and Assault and Battery. Schrameck Law, P.L.L.C. was retained and exposed the inadequacies in the case.

Result: Client received a reduction including a deferral that will allow for a clear record.
Physician Was Charged with Misconduct

A Veterans Affairs Medical Center improperly removed a Physician from service without due process.

Result: Client was cleared of any allegation of poor care.
Charge of Operating While Intoxicated

After aggressive representation, I secured a favorable reduction of the charge.

Result: Client avoided significant fines, costs, and sanctions.
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Proudly Serving Clients Across Canton, Michigan

If you are in Canton, Michigan, or the surrounding areas, and need a federal employment law attorney to help you out, give me a call. I represent clients who have been the victim of workplace discrimination, who have been mistreated by their employer, and who cooperate with investigative authorities.

If you are going before the Merit System Protection Board, I can help with appealing a suspension, fighting a reduction in grade or pay, furlough assistance, and many other employment issues. I focus on helping workers get the respect, accommodations, and positive work environment they deserve.

If you are facing criminal charges, you have a lot riding on the outcome of your case. With the right defense attorney, the chances of a favorable ruling increase significantly. I have extensive experience representing clients in cases of fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and racketeering. Whatever charges you're facing, I have the knowledge and skills to help you formulate a strong defense.

Whether you need fierce representation or simple advice with a federal employment law matter or criminal charge, call my office. We can schedule a simple and free consultation and discuss the details of your federal employment law or criminal case.